NSP Surfboards offers a range of SURF, SUP, FOIL and RACE products, providing something for everyone looking to add more water into their daily lives. Regardless of your age or skill level, we hope you will look at NSP Surfboards as you venture out on your first surf lesson, your touring adventure, your first race, or if you’re looking to take your surfing and foiling to the next level.


Over the last 22 years, NSP has produced and shipped hundreds of thousands of boards and has become a global brand synonymous with durable, high-performing gear.

We were the first brand to use “non-sandwich” epoxy technology in surfboards when told by others it would not be possible. Today we continue to break barriers establishing ourselves in several water sports categories – surf, sup, racing and foiling.

We are the catalyst for millions of fun hours on the water, thousands of smiles and hundreds of podium finishes. 


NSP was born in 2001 from the vision of Bruce “Buzz” Hansen, a life-long surfer, skater and all round waterman.

While working on Maui as a custom surfboard builder, Buzz had an epiphany about producing affordable, versatile, durable and great performing surfboards. Buzz correctly realized there were everyday surfers who needed an affordable board that performed in Hawaii, yet they didn’t require “custom” or specialized competition or extreme surf boards.

Bruce 'Buzz' Hansen on one of the first NSP epoxy surfboards

His dream was a utilitarian surfboard that could ride in the back of a pick-up truck to the beach, be left in the sun all-day or loaned to a friend without fear of damage – of course it had to surf well enough to be given to his long-time surfing buddies, neighbors and friends.

The quest began, so Buzz summoned his friends working for a leading composites manufacturer with the goal to create a light, very durable surf board at highly competitive prices. Working together they introduced a new epoxy technology that would go on to revolutionize the industry and quite possibly recreational surfing. Weekend and occasional surfers no longer had to rely on the ill- performing “foamies” or be relegated to the used board market.

Our code name during development was “New Surf Project”. The name stuck and “NSP” was established. Over the years, we changed and evolved, and so did the name. Today, NSP stands for “Nature”, “Surfing” and “Products” because at the end of the day, that is what the company is all about.


NSP began selling in Hawaii and Australia in 2002 with immediate success, making surfing more accessible for everyone. Creating amazing products, firmly maintaining our surfing roots while we expand in other exciting watersports with the best possible designers, engineers and materials involved. Choosing repurposed, recycled or renewable resources wherever we can is essential to us as a brand, creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and our sport.

In 2007 NSP was one of the first brands to produce SUPs based on the brand’s original concept of performance and value.

Today, NSP is one of the world’s largest brands in recreational surfing and stand-up paddle boards. Everyday new enthusiasts, young and old, go out and introduce their friends and family to the freedom of the sport and the brand.


Since 2013 NSP has produced some of the fastest SUP race boards on the planet, quickly racking up some of the most sought after and prestigious titles with the help of national and international athletes.

In almost 20 years, with hundreds of thousands of boards produced, our core values remain the same. NSP stays true to the vision of creating great performing, affordable, durable surf and paddle boards that allow everyone to catch more waves.


2002 Sold our first boards in Australia and Hawaii

2007 Shipped our first SUP boards

2011 Launched our first NSP race boards used in ISA Worlds

2012 Dale Chapman & Alain Teurquetil started on the race program

2012 Travis Grant joined the team

2012 Launched patent pending, award-winning Coco technology

2016 Alain Teurquetil started exclusively designing our race program

2015 Travis Grant won Molokai on a production NSP board

2018 Launched our first Foil boards

2019 Launched our first Foil wing sets

2020 Collaboration with Carl Schaper on performance Long and Mid-length shapes

2021 Collaboration with Tully St. John on PU and Elements Sleep Walker Longboard

2022 2x female shortboarders competing on WSL QS Tour

2023 Official board sponsor for Australia’s SurfGrom program


To inspire people of all ages and skill levels worldwide to get on the water enjoying nature, embracing the water sports culture and lifestyle, through well-designed, durable and high-value gear made for everyone.

CocoFlax Dream Rider


Staying true to our heritage of creating high-performing, affordable and durable watersports product by working alongside the best designers and manufacturers.

Each product must perfectly match its intended user by pairing functional design with revolutionary construction technology.

Our Mission is shared through emotional storytelling by top-level riders and passionate ambassadors.

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From entry-level to advanced water enthusiasts, the range showcases Shaper’s Union performance surfboard designs and a full line-up of SUP inflatable boards. For those who want to push their limits, check our range of PU or custom surf epoxy high performance surfboards or the Pro foil boards.


From the beginning (2001), NSP has teamed up with Cobra International to set the standard in technology and innovation by creating the first-ever epoxy surfboards, first-ever sustainable CocoMat boards and the revolutionary HIT technology. The HIT Cruiser is designed to provide everyday paddlers, schools and rental centers with a product that can withstand daily use and abuse while offering an affordable, lightweight SUP option.

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